Milk Run Lures | Custom Bass Lures

My family and I hand make these custom lures from American Basswood in Lawrence, MI and have proven over and over that they catch fish – and big ones! Don't take my word for it though... Try a few out for yourself and join the growing club of anglers who are seeing awesome results with Milk Run Lures!

Truly Custom Lures

We started by cutting down a Basswood tree and milling our own lumber to make the first lures. These lures are the product of a lifetime of lure making, studying fish and fishing. We are dedicated to producing a quality product, enhancing our customers’ fishing experience and constantly striving to improve and create new lures. We plan to release a square-bill crank and minnow-style jerk bait in mid-2014.

What is a Milk Run?

Noun: A short, routine, or uneventful flight.
Origin of MILK RUN: From the resemblance in regularity and uneventfulness to the morning delivery of milk.
First Known Use: 1925

YOUR milk run is your planned route (i.e. hit the lily pads, then that dock by the weeping willow, then the sunken brush pile in the NE corner of the lake). Using a milk run is fishing with a plan. Milk Run Lures help you catch more fish!


Welcome to Milk Run Lures. We're a "little guy". We don't have a fancy manufacturing facility. We don't use focus groups. We don't build our lures in China. Every single bait we sell has been manufactured in Michigan, and tested on local lakes by us personally. They catch big fish, or we wouldn't sell them. Cool business model, don't you think?